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Upcoming Events


Palm Sunday, 25 March
St Andrew's Cromwell, 9.00pm
St Columba's Wanaka, 9.30am

Maundy Thursday, 29 March
St Andrew's Cromwell, 7.00pm
St Columba's Wanaka, 7.00pm

Good Friday, 30 March
St Andrew’s Cromwell, 2.00pm
St Columba’s Wanaka, 2.00pm

Holy Saturday, 31 March
St Andrew’s Cromwell, 7.00pm

Easter Day, 1 April
St Andrew’s Cromwell, 9.00am
St Columba’s Wanaka 8.00 and 10.00am
Tarras 11.00am

See the weekly pew sheet for more information


8.30am, Tuesdays at St Andrew's Church, Cromwell
12pm, Fridays at St Columba's Church, Wanaka


St. Andrew’s Church, Cromwell - Sundays 9am, Tuesdays 10am

St. Columba’s Church, Wanaka - Sundays 9.30am, Wednesdays 10am

Children's Liturgy, once a month on a Friday evening
Contemplative Evening Prayer, monthly during the winter

Tarras Community Church - 2nd Sunday of the month 11am