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Sunday Service: 9.30am Eucharist

Wednesday: 10am Eucharist and Discussion

2nd & 4th Saturday: 2.15pm Holy Communion at Elmslie House


Contact Vicar: Damon Plimmer
The Vicarage 186 Brownston Street, Wanaka
Phone (03) 443 2440, Mobile 027 216 5165

Local Warden: Joan Nolan (03)443 7778


On Sunday 5th October 1902, St. Columba's Church, although still without chancel, vestry, or porch, was dedicated for use. The church, built in wood, was to be completed according to the plan drawn up by Mr. Burnside, architect of Dunedin. St. Columba's Church building has been the centre of the life of Anglican Christian worship in Wanaka from 1902 to the present.

When the Presbyterian congregation decided to erect a new church their old St. Andrew's building was available for purchase. A suggestion was put forward that St. Andrew's be purchased and joined to St. Columba's to give the space needed for larger congregations at Christmas, Easter, weddings and funerals, and to supply a lounge for meetings and social events. There would also be space for kitchen and toilet facilities.

This proposal was accepted and acted upon. St Andrew's was duly transported and added to St Columba's so that two of the earliest buildings in the Wanaka area are now preserved, early roots of the community's spiritual and social heritage. Bishop Peter Mann dedicated the extensions on Saturday 21st January 1989. Services continue to be held here.

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