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2nd Sunday of Month:
Anglican Holy Communion at 11.00am


Contact Vicar: Damon Plimmer
The Vicarage 186 Brownston Street, Wanaka
Phone (03) 443 2440, Mobile 027 216 5165
Email: ucang@calledsouth.org.nz

Local Anglican convenor: Spin Lucas (03) 445 2885


Situated on a four acre site, on a hill surrounded by splendid evergreen trees, the Tarras Church is a facility the community is proud of. It was shortly after the First World War that a move was made amongst the people of the district to have a permanent place of worship erected. This was to be an inter-denominational church, and donations for the building were freely forthcoming from all sections of the community. Construction work commenced in 1920, and the Opening was celebrated with a inter-denominational service on 13th March 1921.

In 1958, a joint Presbyterian & Anglican Committee was formed to oversee and care for the maintenance of the church and grounds. The guide-lines for operation and use of the church were set in place at that time, and have been carefully preserved ever since.

Since the early 1980's, combined services have been held for the whole community, with the Second Sunday of the Month being the occasion of an Anglican Eucharist, while the Presbyterian have their Worship Service on the Fourth Sunday. The Tarras Church is still a focal point of meeting for local community Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.

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